Friday, April 19, 2013

I am so ready to sew!! Sewing boy's boxers

It has been a long time since I have done any sewing. I can't tell you how much I miss it and how ready I am to get back to sewing.  I was looking at some of my "how to".  Some call them tutorials I am not that fancy, it just a how I do it.  I will be making pj's (pajamas)for the little ones.  That reminded me of the boxer shorts I also love making for them.
The best thing is the sew through elastic that I use when making pants, shorts, jammies(short for pajama) for the girls or the boys'.
Boxers - How To

Step One:
Trace and cut out pattern, I used the pattern by First Choice.

Step Two:
Seam center back to side backs.

Step Three:
I sew a mock french seam. Sew seam, serge or overcast the edges, then sew two rows of top stitch.

Step Four:
Sew on side panels using mock french seam.

Step Five:
Sew on the fly placket.

Step Six:
Sew sport elastic to top.

Step Seven:
Sew through elastic has unbraided rows, these are for sewing through.
Cut sport elastic 3-5" smaller then waist measurments.
Press the top edge of garmet down 1/2", if you are sewing on straight as the boxers are done, you anchor the elastic on both ends, being careful not to twist.
Then stretch the elastic as you sew.

Step Eight:
Finish inseam and hem. Your done!
These are fun boxers to make, they are the five panel and have lots of room.
The kids just love them.



  1. Love that fabric Nonie. And that pattern is my go to for boxers. Very easy!

  2. Super Boxers Nonie. I have never heard of Sew Through Elastic. What a great idea!