Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cast on Rose

I am sharing the method I use for doing a cast on rose when doing embroidery.  Usually I add the rose to something smocked, as it just add that special little touch.  Learning the method can be trickie, so don't give up, just keep practicing.I am also sharing it for the students I will have, at the next meeting.
Cast on Rose
I have always loved cast on roses, when I purchased Petite Poche, a Wendy Schoen design, I needed to learn to make them. After trial and error, I found what worked, and would like to share that with you.

Step One:
Bring the needle to the front of the fabric and take a 1/8' long horizontal stitch. Do not pull the needle through.
Step Two:
With palm facing you and the thread to the left, place the thread over your left index finger.
Rotate your hand towards you in a clockwise direction and loop the thread over your index finger. Slip the loop onto the needle and pull the stitch tight.

Step Three:
Work a total of 10 cast-on stitches onto the needle.
Holding the casts-on in your left hand, pull the needle through.

Step Four:
Anchor the sitch down in the fabric about 1/8" away from the original point.
Step Five:
Bring the needle to the front, emerging outward from one of the curved edges of the center row of petals.

Step Six:
To form the center of the flower, work a series of three petals, each interconnectiong the next.

Step Seven:
To form the outer petals bring the needle to the front, emerging outward from one of the curved edges of the center row of petals.

Step Eight:
Enter the fabric away from the original entry point, about 1/4" away.
Cast on 12 stitches. Hold the stitches in place and pull the needle through.
Anchor the stitch in the same manner as before.

Step Nine:
Work the next petal beginning in the mid-section of the previous petal and extending the stitch about 3/16" away.

Step Ten:
Stitch a spiral of petals radiating around the center of the flower. You should have about 5 petals total.
Tie off on back by sewing through the stitches on back.


  1. Nonie, this is a WONDERFUL tutorial...I've never even tried making a cast on rose. I need to try one, just to see if I can do it now. Very clear explanations.

    I also loved seeing your Autumn decorations! I need to get some pictures of mine to post. They'll stay up Sept. 1st & stay there until the day after Thanksgiving, when I start dragging out all the Christmas stuff. I figure it is good exercise for me to lug all those boxes up & down...lots of bending & lifting & much cheaper than going to the gym! LOL


    1. Thank you Rett, I am looking forward to seeing your fall decorations. I might need to borrow some of your wonderful ideas.

  2. Nonie, thanks for the tutorial. I am like Rett and never tried making a cast on rose, so need to get busy and have a go.

  3. Nonie, I want to try this now!! I love that little rose, and I have a little lunch bag that would be the perfect item on which to practice! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Angela, they are addictive. I love making them, each one is a little different.

  4. That is so pretty, Nonie. Great tute! thanks so much.