Monday, May 17, 2021

I am still here

 Spending time on


noniesparadise: A few pictures

I wasn't doing as much sewing but still doing my sewing forum at Everythingsewing.

A friend sensing I was at a low spot said" how about using your sewing talents for charity, or to help others"

Of coarse! 

At Christmas, we made sticking to give to the Oncology department. The feed back was so much more then I excepted, so I will be doing stocking again for this coming Christmas.

Along with the stockings, I am going to include my prayer quilts.

Delivered to the hospital

the top stitching is a bummer, don't worry I redid it!

This is the poem that is included, you pin it to the quilt

The cross, that goes in the quilt

My first dozen.  I also want to make enough for the nursing staff.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

What's up?


I have not been very good at keeping up with sewing. some how I ended up doing a lot of quilting.
I guess, when you end up with a lot of scraps, sewing them together seems like the next best thing to do.

since we were all supposed to stay home, I thought I would 
work on this quilt.
It got set aside a long, long time ago
and yesterday it went off to the quilter.

That is a cat tail, she just had to walk on it.

this quilt is named Stately by Lavender Lime

This will be my quilt!

Thursday, April 30, 2020


Filling the box

I do not get to see my coast family very often.  I think of them everyday
and I love thinking of things to send.

So what projects are in the box?

Some were sent already, but I wanted
to show you what I like
to send.

In process to go in the next box are:

 I am making scrunchies!

I found the tutorial for these at

Sweet red poppy

I had instructions I used years ago, but these are more of an updated version.

The version comes with long or short
tails.  Those are just tied on, so 
she could chose not to have
one on, or change to a short tail.


I will be making more towels

  They like to camp, so I knew the camper
would need something new.

Then for granddaughter
because she said she likes country


So, now I am working on
a new box.
If I knew what we would 
all be doing at this
point in our lives I 
have had the box ready to go.


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Drawcord Elastic revisited

When I did this tutorial on drawcord elastic, it was when I was making Christmas pj's.  So I can go over the instructions again to remind myself how to do the elastic.  I have pants and shorts to make the kids and I love this method for casual pants.

  Make your next pair of pj’s and shorts with Drawcord Elastic—1-1/4” wide elastic with a drawcord that’s knit in the middle.  This elastic retains it’s shape because the drawcord can be tightened AFTER the elastic has been applied.
1.  Mark the casing allowance on the pattern the exact width of the elastic. (Drawcord elastic is usually 1-1/4” wide, therefore the measurement above the casing should be 1-1/4” wide.)
2. Cut the elastic 2” SMALLER then the waist measurements
3. Sew elastic in a circle with 1/2” seam allowance
2010_1123november0002 .
4. finger press seam open. Sew a rectangle through seam allowances and elastic to hold drawcords securely in place.  this seam will become the center back of the elastic.
5. Sew garment to forum waistline.
6. For Exposed drawcord ( drawcord on the outside of the garment), sew the bottom of a buttonhole next to the center front seam 2” from the cut edge.
7. Quarter waistline and elastic.  Mark with pins.2010_1123november0005
Pin elastic to the cut edge of the waistline matching pins.  The seam in the elastic matches the center back of the garment.  Serge or zig-zag the elastic to the garment around the cut edge.
2010_1123november0010 Fold elastic to the inside, encasing elastic. Stitch 1/4” from the lower edge of the elastic, keeping elastic very taunt.   find the buttonhole and pull the cording through.  Cut drawcords and knot the end.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


So soon

Seems like yesterday I was driving her to kindergarten.

Now, its time for college.

Zoe has picked Washington State

Of coarse when grandma sews
you can expect lots of
cougar stuff.

with some advice on sewing book pillows
from my friend

Of coarse, times being what they are

Add a little something to hold on to


Monday, April 27, 2020


New again

I guess it is true, everything old, will be new again.

The 'hot new thing' with the teens is


The same but with a twist is the scrunchies that I made for my daughter, I am nor making for my teen grand girls.

Today, will be a day filled with making more.
The addition of tails, is what makes these a little different then the ones 'mom' wore.

With two granddaughters, loving their scrunchies, it is enough to help me get rid of some stash.

Sunday, April 26, 2020


Keeping busy

Now the quilt top is done, but it can not go to the quilter yet.
As soon as they say it is alright, I will get it dropped off and quilted.

Of coarse it is blue and white.  I just love blue and white.  also this is going to lead to redecorating the bedroom.  Yes, I am keeping this one.

I do have plans to make quilts as gifts. Who knew I would ever start quilting.
But, here I am and it has been the busy work I needed at this time.

Hope you are staying busy and well.