Monday, May 17, 2021

I am still here

 Spending time on


noniesparadise: A few pictures

I wasn't doing as much sewing but still doing my sewing forum at Everythingsewing.

A friend sensing I was at a low spot said" how about using your sewing talents for charity, or to help others"

Of coarse! 

At Christmas, we made sticking to give to the Oncology department. The feed back was so much more then I excepted, so I will be doing stocking again for this coming Christmas.

Along with the stockings, I am going to include my prayer quilts.

Delivered to the hospital

the top stitching is a bummer, don't worry I redid it!

This is the poem that is included, you pin it to the quilt

The cross, that goes in the quilt

My first dozen.  I also want to make enough for the nursing staff.

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  1. About the time I manage to find a sewing blog, no one's around...drat. lol
    Hope all is well!