Monday, August 20, 2012

Motivated Monday

Last night I went to bed excited because today would be Monday. why would Monday be exciting?    Because,  it marks the beginning of a new week for me.  Now, I know some say Sunday is the first day of the week and for some it may be but lets go with Monday OK?

Every Monday I will be doing a positive report!!  I was so excited about it I had to ask for positive words that start with an M--my friends at Everything Sewing came through with a lot of them for me.   This last week just hasn't been that good and then I tend to want to get down and we all know nothing good comes from feeling down.   I have constant pain  from acid reflex/heartburn.  Caused from the radiation treatments and although there is medication for it,  it doesn't work all that good.  so then I can't eat or drink.  OK, so enough of the negative 'stuff'

My goal for this week is to gain a pound a day.  This morning I weighed in at 113.5   I would love to be 118 next Monday.  that will build my white blood cells my energy level will bounce back and everything will be good.

Friday, August 17, 2012


One of the things we enjoy doing as a family is boating.  It can be an exciting sport, full of speed and thills.  At the same time  on the same boat,  same river it becomes a restful, let go of all your cares place to just drift.   Sunset,  is my favorite time.  Little animals come to the river bank to drink and since we are drifting and making no noise,  they pay no attention to us.

My life is in the driting mode right now,  a time of hectic treatments,  Doctor appointments, blood drawers, we are now driting.     I want so much to get back to sewing and am really upset I didn't get things sewn for Otto,  my first great grandbaby.  I can make lists,  collect fabric and ideas and do some planning.   I can work on blogging, maybe even learn more about it.   So while I drift along here for awhile I will try to learn to enjoy the quiet time.