Thursday, August 29, 2019


Always my first love

Garment sewing, especially for the little ones, will always be my first love in the sewing world.

Since I do have a great granddaughter. 
Who happens to love things I sew her.
My heart is full!

These dress's were from a Bonnie Blue pattern.
Named Kimberly.

Keeps me very busy.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Time for a change

Our smocking group has been named.
Apple Valley Smockers
since it was formed. 
I saw it as a time to change. Not, just the name but what we do as people that love to sew and create.
Apple Valley, is used for everything--the word smockers, said we smocked things.  What every that is supposed to be.

So, along with another member that shared my thought process.  We changed the name!!
I had some banners made and although I am not
excited about this display at our local quilt show.
I am excited about the possibilities. 

Like I said Change is good.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

It has been slow

Slow in the sewing room
Still sewing is happening and what I love to do.

Update on the quilt tops, they are off
to the long arm lady Patti and she will
work her magic and they will be quilts.

I let Zoe have  a say in her quilt. She met with Patti
and discussed the quilting plan.
This was all new to Zoe and I am so glad
I was able to share this with her. 
Quilt top lay out.
I will finish the quilt and wrap it for Christmas.