Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Need Your Opinion

I now need your opinion, so please, please let me know what you think.Should I add all or none of these fabrics to Seth's quilt?

These are the baby fabrics that I could find, I know there were ton's more but I must have used them.The blue check and solid blue are pretty delicate fabrics, since they were used for baby clothes.
These are from shirts I made him for Halloween, loved making both of the kids special items they could were for the month.
Of coarse that's what you get to do when you sew.

 Next thing I need your help on, is---  putting the blocks together. Like I said I am not a quilter, I might try following directions and making a quilt but for now, I want to make something for the grands that will have some memory for them and something they don't outgrow.  
This is a practice lay out of some of the blocks.  Do you think they are OK side by side? My next option would be to make solid strips that go in between.
That is where I am at right now.  HELP!! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I have gathered together as much fabric scraps as I can find right now.  These scraps are all from shirts I have made for Seth.
Some of those fabrics date back to when he was very small.  

 Some of the fabrics follow the interests he had at the time, although he has stuck with baseball that is his favorite sport.  I do not have very much of the baseball fabric, might have to do some searching.
The scooby shirt was fun, so full of color.

So, today I am pressing and cutting squares. We will see how that goes.

I am wondering if I should include some fabric from when he wore shortalls?  What do you think?  They are closer to 'baby' fabric. Maybe I should just include those in a pillow?

Friday, January 25, 2013

MY Word!

My word for the year is accomplish and I am going to accomplish my goal come hell or high water!!!!
That goal is to make at least a lap size quilt for six of the grands.  
I have a friend Angela, who is helping me, by computer, she has been wonderful about answering my questions.  I know once I get it, in my head what I am doing it should all come together.

I Pulled out a lap quilt that had been given to my sister, to get an idea of size.  If you are looking for perfect, you will not find it in this quilt, if you are looking for love--you found it.  
  I practiced joining seams:
Not to bad!!!
Then I went through my drawers looking for 'stuff' and look what I found!
It is a June Tailor quilt square.  I think I bought it for fussing cutting, when I make clothes.  It should be a perfect size to cut my squares.
Now, the hard part.  I need to decide what size to make the quilt-how many squares I will need to make that happen.

Have a wonderful day

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tiny project

I have been making Wee Care gowns for our local hospital for quite awhile.  These gowns are made for babies that to soon become angels.
There is no way to plan for such a sad event. It is not even a thought a young mom wants to put in her head, so when it does happen, the gowns are there for their little angels.
The hospital asked if we could make some very tiny gowns.  Of coarse we could!
Roberta, set about coming up with a tiny gown using a doll dress pattern.

Still unfinished, this is the size of the gowns.

My part, is to do the smocking. My friend Roberta will do the finish sewing.  

 Always hard to do such a project.  We have heard such heart warming stories how the gowns have made a difference. 


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making your own Tortilla Steamer

I will show you how I made my Tortilla steamer.
You probably figured it out by now, just make sure everything you use is 100% cotton, you will be using it in the microwave and anything less then cotton can cause a fire.

I made these for the kids for Christmas. I alway get them a container and then fill it up with little treasures.  I say container because it can be anything from a cute basket to a huge mixing bowlJust what ever I find during the year.

Cut 3 circles from main 100% cotton fabric
cut 2 circles from batting
cut 2 circles from muslin
My circle is 10"  I figured that was a good size and besides that was the size of my plate I used to make a circle.

Cut one of your circles in half.
press under 1/4" on the straight side.

Lay out all of your pieces. layer 1-main fabric right side out.
Layer 2-batting
Layer 3-muslin 
Put 1 half circle right sides together on each circle.
Put half circle right side down
Then sew and turn, just the half circle right now.

Now you can layer your circles.
Sew the bottom portion. Then turn all, right side out.

There you go a great gift.  Remember to make one for yourself.  The friend that got me started making these said she got one as a gift and has had it for many years.  She said it reheats rolls perfectly.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Thank you Shirley

Thank you Shirley and here is a rose for you.
Sometimes I don't think we know the people we touch with our blog postings.  So, I thought I would tell Shirley    why her post meant so much to me.
I thought of it as a challenge. Shirley explained her word for the year of 2012 was 'innovative' and she sure has been that this past year.  
She got me to thinking about choosing a word for this year.  Just thinking about choosing a word did a lot for me and my word for 2013 will be  'Accomplish.' 

I need to feel as though I have accomplished something as I have been 'resting' way to long. 
I have goals--and that is to make each grandchild at least one lap quilt.  I think I am going to have to just dive into that project and not worry about it being perfect.

Of coarse I want to continue to sew clothes for the kids. 

So again as I close, thank you Shirley, you can visit her blog HERE.

 Have a wonderful day

Friday, January 18, 2013

Just Checking in

I thought I should check in and let you know how the training is going.  
what does this look say to you?
"It say's don't eat that!! It's Mine!!"

Sometimes I think they will never 'get it'.
Well, I have to herd those boys back to where the snacks are.  Maybe this time they will do some really good tricks and get to have a snack,or two. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I thought maybe I would get more guesses.  So, here it is!!
It is a tortilla steamer!!  You put your tortilla's in the microwave for two minutes and there you go--nice warm bread.

These are the corn tortilla's, my favorites are the flour ones.  

My very, very favorite bread is fresh bread, warm from the oven.  A warm slice smothered in butter--oh sometimes life is just plain good.


Monday, January 14, 2013

What is it????

That is the question the girls asked at Christmas, when they opened their gift!!

It went like this " Thanks mom, what is it"?

Do you know what it is??

Well, it looks like it has a pocket.

Does the flap close? or does it stay open??
All closed up, well sort of.  I just know it can't be a potholder my hand doesn't fit in it.  Tried it on my head, that didn't work either!!   

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I don't know if it is the weather, or the state our country is in now but I have just felt so down.  This morning , I remembered  a cup I had gotten when I graduated from chemo.They do this little ceremony when you are there for your last treatment.
On one side is the name of the nurses.

I had every nurse and they were each just so sweet.
I like being told I am special.  Is that strange?  It does help me shake off this feeling of being down.  
You will notice candy in the cup.  Well, actually there was more candy but I ate it!!!!

I hope you feel special today.  I think we always need to do things for ourselves, a just for us time. I plan on making a cup of green tea, to drink from my special cup.



Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another Snow Day

To me there is something so beautiful about snow.  I know the side we complain about, it really is cold and slippery

Have you noticed how quiet it gets when it snows?   Even the birds seem to take to their nest and wait out the storm. 

Time to light the fire, take out the knitting and sit back and enjoy a snow day.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello my name is Ellie

I would like to meet all of you. I am Ellie and I own two of Nonie's Grandsons.

Training the boy's has been a bit hard.  Oh, they mean well, they just have not figured out who is in control.
We are getting closer.  I will be checking in once in awhile.