Monday, September 30, 2019


So much has changed
I wanted to take a trip back to memory
A visit to the Apple Valley Smockers and
our booth at the quilt show.

This booth was at the Town Toyota Center
in Wenatchee, Wash.
If I remember it was our first or second year
of the quilt show being held there.
  This post has a lot of pictures.

Fun to re-share the memories.

Thursday, September 5, 2019


One thing I love about
computers and blogging is 
being able to 'meet' people,
I would never other wise have been
able to meet and call a friend.

One of those friends is Kathy Dykstra.
Kathy, is a designer, teacher, artist and blogger.

is full of inspiration.
Design by Kathy

Just a sample of the beauty/talent you
will find on her blog.

Kathy, has been a huge influence on my sewing and smocking.  I used many, many of her designs
when they were published in AS&E.
A magazine no longer published and missed so much.

Kathy also designs for wee babies
and for wee care.

She offers many tutorials on her blog.
Her patterns are available through
her  Etsy


Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Your  sewing machine has
a shank.
Your pressure foot attaches to
that shank.

The shanks are either high or low. I
would guess most of them are low.

so what is it?

See that white piece of plastic?
That is the shank, the piece holding my
pressure foot.
You might also notice I have a snap
on pressure foot,vs a screw on.
 My machine is the Viking sapphire
760 quilt machine. Mine is considered a low shank.

Another thing that can be confusing 
is-this piece is also called an ankle.

When purchasing new feet
the choices are, a choice between
high shank and low shank.

 I hope this helps clear up
any confusion, when you see the term
high shank or low shank.