Sunday, April 30, 2017


        Challenge Rompers are getting done

 This bubble was made by Angela, the pattern she used is called Michie Mooney#12.
Angela, did such a great job of smocking on this darling romper.

The next one is from Jerry, who not only did one darling romper but, Four!!  Yes, four rompers.   She is the proud grandma of quads. So when she sews, she set's up a factory.

 This is the girl version.  She used the Children's Corner pattern 'Taylor'. doing two boy versions and two girl versions.  A sewing hero.

             Boy's Romper

Where is mine you ask?   Well mines not done yet.

Jerry is my hero, you will see more of her sewing coming up in future post's.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


                                                    The Romper/Bubble challenge

So, On Everythingsewing, I was challenged to sew a bubble/romper.  I am not sure if they are bubbles or rompers or even if it makes a difference.
I had a pattern on hand that I made many years ago, so decided to use that one again.

 Now, it is not without challenges, so it lives up to it's name.  I need bias tape, and, can not find my bias maker.  Was given instructions on how to make your own with out using a tool, but that didn't work out for me.  
If I figure it out I will share the method.  
So the going is slow, but I am back to sewing, and that's a good thing.

Monday, April 24, 2017


    I just love wild roses, these were from a very small start of roses growing wild along side of the road.  I wonder if they were planted in a yard someplace at one time.

 Water is a must in gardens, from a fountain to a full blown water fall.  The sound of water is pure music.
 This blossom will make a cherry, thanks to the work of the bee.  Plant flowers bees love and help protect our bee's.
 Our beautiful valley.  The flowers grow wild all over the hills and in the perfect colors of blue and gold.

Just a few pictures of our wonderful valley and why I call it paradise.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rosie Romper

                      Rosie romper

 The outfit is done!!  I have become a very slow sewer.

There were things I would do different when using this pattern.  The fabric is thicker then it looks and doesn't work well as a fabric, plus a lining fabric.  For the next one, I will chose a lighter fabric for lining.
I also need to work on picture taking.

I do enjoy sewing with patterns by Genine.

          Felicity, finally has something made just for her.

I have used this pattern before making Sam the short version.

 Sam looks a little weak on her feet here.

 I will be making this again.  Sam will be getting her own Seahawk outfit out of different, design by Genine pattern.   I hope I am not to slow making that outfit.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


                                  Still working on it

I am still working on Felicity's outfit.  What should have taken  me a few hours has now taken days.     To explain--working with tiny seams is difficult enough but when your iron dies and you can not press those seams, it shuts down the sewing room.

 AS you can see it is a rumpled mess.  Now, you  know why we love our irons, I think you sew more with an iron then a sewing machine.

So, it was a quick run to the store.   No time to research irons to see which one is the best.   This little beauty, just happened to be on sale.

 Boy, does it ever have a shot of steam.  Maybe my old iron just was not working right but this one really works good.

 I was good and read the directions--- can you believe I could not get the cord to recoil? had to ask huny to help me.

 She sure is shinny.

                                 Has lots of steam vents.

Now, I am back to sewing doll clothes.  Nothing to exciting but good when you have been away from the machine as long as I have. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017


               MY NEXT PROJECT

will be some much needed doll clothes.  as you can see Felicity is in need of something to wear.

After going through my patterns I decided on making her the "Rosie Rompers"  designed by Genine.  Genine is such a talented doll designer.

 The patterns are online, so no waiting!

This is the fabric I chose for her outfit.  I know she will love the games, all dressed in her team colors.

 I am sure there will be enough fabric for Sam, just not sure yet what I will make for Sam.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


                                 THE HOLLY

                          The perfect pattern for working my way back.  I had asked on facebook. which pattern they would chose and Holly won.

                        It basically is an easy pattern.
                        Lending it's self to a lot of decorations.

                                              Even a touch of embroidery.  

 The dress was not without it's complications for me.
First, I started by not reading directions.  I really don't care how long you have sewn or the number of "Hollys" you have made.  Read your instructions. It will save you so much time.

Now, you probably notice there are no buttons yet.  My theory is, you let the dress season. Then, you practice making buttonholes.   Ugh!  why does buttonhole making seem so hard?

Saturday, April 8, 2017


                                          A BRAND NEW DAY

I ran across this saying on Facebook this morning.  It was one I had found and shared with my daughter Janel.  For those that do not know, Janel was diagnosed with MS a few years ago.   She is doing great.  Her, and my my granddaughter Zoe are up every morning at 5am, hitting the gym.  Zoe, is a freshman in high school and yet there she is every morning at the gym.

 Yet, I have taken so much strength from her.  It doesn't seem right to complain that I hurt, when she is raising two teens and running a business.

So today, which is a brand new day I will keep from complaining and only thank God.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


See this ugly thing, called a walker?  I am getting ready to say goodbye to it.   It has been here since Jan5th, when I came home from the hospital for the 3rd time.  This time I was going to stay home, it is a long story that started Dec,14th.   Now, it is time to keep moving on.

 Hard to get a picture!   Pretty ugly I will say.   
I don't have anything against using a walker if you need one.  Just, I want this to be over.  I have so much to do and a walker doesn't fit in with any of it.
Yesterday, I walked by myself, from the front to my back yard, which is a special place.

So help me say goodbye, time for you to go help another person.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Getting closer

After being in the hospital on and off for a month,  boating season seemed out of the question. Now, home, recovering with the sun shining, it doesn't seem so far away.  Also seems possible.  So from the first light of morning til the last night at night I will be river bound.