Friday, December 25, 2009

Lets put the kit together

After you have cut out your kit so you have all the pieces its time to assemble them into a pillowcase.

Pin your body piece,trim and header together along the 45" side of your pieces.

Once your piece is all pinned together, lay it wrong side up and start rolling the body toward the header.

Keep rolling until the edge of the header and the section you pinned together meet.  Now, pin those edges together.  Take to the sewing machine and stitch together.  The body of the pillowcase will be inside and it will look as though you have made a terrible mess.  You haven't!!

You will reach inside the tube and pull the body out.   Now you press the the section flat.  You are almost done, you will just need to sew across the end and down the side seam.

There you go, you have created a pillowcase just that easy.  They make wonderful gifts and children love to own something that has their name on it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

First day-Pillowcases

Making pillowcases is a quick and easy project. A great project for beginners or getting back to sewing after a long break.  They also make fun and useful gifts.
Gather your fabric: You will need fabric for the body(main part) Header and contrasting trim piece.

  • Body piece-23"x45"
  • Header-13"x45"
  • trim-2"x45"

A word about the trim piece. You can not use a trim piece and add rick rack to the seam as a top stich finish.  You can add wide rick rack in the seam and let the little points stick out.  Also you could add lace or eyelet.  so there are lots of different looks you can get.  I will use a trim piece in mine.

Not all 45" fabric is 45" wide some can be as short as 42" so be sure to measure and trim any long pieces.

I also trim off my selvage edges, this makes it easier to have a neat finished seam.  This piece is for the trim piece and I know it looks wider then 2", but I am making two pillow cases the same so I cut my trim 4" then will trim to 2".

You know have your kits made up and are ready to sew them together. 

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  Zoe had a wonderful Christmas program at school and wore a dress I made her last year for valentines day.  I felt sad I could not have made her something new for this year but it was just one of those years.
As I have posted in the past, my sister was battling brain cancer after a successful fight with breast cancer. The brain cancer took her long before her actual death, as her mind was not clear.  Somedays we had good times and she could comunicate, other days were not so good.

So, now I find myself faced with a challenge and that is getting back to doing the things I love.  Which is sewing and sharing sewing. 
One of the steps is to get back to blogging, so I can share my love of sewing.  I had no idea getting back to the sewing machine was going to be so hard.  I think part of it is, I have just lost interest in so many things.
I will not let sadness control my life!!  Monday is the day I have set aside to get back to the sewing room and hopefully share the time with all of you.  Learn to do more with the blog so I can also share what some of my dear friends are sewing.
Maybe this step, will help others like myself.  Maybe you have gotten away from what you love to do and need a path back and together we can make that journey.