Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Haven't posted a lot
but have been busy.  Getting things ready for Christmas.

I love making the gifts!

These are place mats, for a country kitchen.

I will finish these doing
what is called the 'flip' method.
No binding, so they are quick and easy.

Also I am doing stitch out's
practicing how a design will
stitch out, before I move on to the
main project.

I have a certain project in mind for this design!

Have a few other things in stages, so for 
now, not a lot ready to wrap.

coasters.  So fun to make, these are
a add on gift.

I will try to keep you posted as to what is going on in the sewing room.   Really could use a elf to help out.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Pure Elegance 

Since the Christening gown was shown in the last post I wanted to re-post the original story of the gown.   



Ole McLaughlin, is a member of the Apple Valley smockers and does the most amazing Brazilian embroidery. I hope she will let me show more of her work in the future.
Some Christening gowns have stories connected with them before they are created, with others the stories are created by the babies who wore the gown or the creator of the gown. This gown shares a little of both.
Ole, fashioned this elegant gown from silk brought back from China by her father a member of the Flying Tigers in WW2.  His soon to be bride used some of the silk to make a blouse for her wedding, the rest of the silk was stored away with orders for it to be used for Christening gowns when Ole’s boys became fathers.
Ole choose2010_1007applevalleyone0004 a pattern from AS&E issue #60, called Heaven Blessed.Ole said,” The only changes made, I didn’t put the bows on the front yoke and didn’t do the lower skirt embroidery. Instead I added the lace insertion. The fabric wasn’t long enough and I felt the silk was busy enough without adding embroidery.”
I hope I have been able to capture the beauty of this gown.

2010_1007applevalleyone0005  2010_1009applevalleyone0005

 2010_1007applevalleyone0006 2010_1007applevalleyone0007 Ole has 3 plus months in the creation of this gown. She has one more to make I am looking forward to what she comes up with, I know it be fantastic.

2010_1007applevalleyone0010  I hope you have enjoyed this gown. I know it is hard for a camera to capture the true beauty.


Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Christmas past
I thought I would share some of past
Christmas sewing.
It is time to start again, sewing for this
year.  I have actually gotten a few things done, but can 
not show them yet.
Teens are probably the hardest to sew for
Last year, the teens wanted 
A. Something Grandma made and
B. Something warm and soft
So,for warm and soft,
What could be softer the minkie?
She modeled for me!
Reading pillows and a good book
Of coarse the Christmas quilt
warm, soft and something Grandma made!
To me, Christmas sewing is a challenge
at the same time, it is fun.