Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How Fragile Our Friendships

My blogging friends are just there.  Right? We click on a few keys and there they are. 
We share so much, like friends writing a letter.   A new recipe, a new crafting idea, decorating idea or just our families. 
What happens when we lose one of these friends?   
I can speak for myself. I am heartbroken.  That person I thought would be there day after day is gone.   I feel sad, I think of all the simple little comments I could have left that might have helped make a bad day better.  A prayer I said, but never told her I was there praying for her. Maybe she did a great tutorial and I learned a lot but never took the time to say thank you.
I lost a blogging friend this last week to cancer.  I am on the verge of losing another one because she wants to quit. We are not the 'big' bloggers, the money bloggers, we are a very special group of bloggers.  We are friends, with gals that share our lives.  Please, take the time to leave a comment, don't think you will come back and comment later because the time will get away from you, you will not return.  
Let us share with each of our special community friends, read, comment and pray.