Thursday, November 19, 2015

So it began

I have done a lot of soul searching lately, as life took a sudden turn in August.  
August 12th, hubby was not feeling very well and hadn't been feeling well for a few days. That morning, he decided to go to the walk in clinic, thinking it was indigestion that had been bothering him.
This was the first time I know of that he had ever left his cell phone at home.  I had not gone with him as you can wait forever in those waiting rooms and I didn't feel the need to do so.
The day started to roll by and I had not heard a word from anyone,  I was not really worried but was getting concerned thinking he may have been in a fender bender.
About 2pm, the phone did ring and it was hubby, calling from the hospital of all places. They were prepping him for heart surgery. 
After that phone call a lot of life is a blur. I remember calling Rod, our oldest son but got an answering machine. I am not sure I left a message as soon as the phone was answered I could not get any words out. I tried to call our next son and I think I got something out because Tony was suddenly home and took over.

We have gone through so much, but the surgery was successful.  Praise God.  The months have passed and I had put so much on hold. Sewing, reading, life's little annoyances all were put on hold.

So now the time has come and it is time to decide to blog or not blog.  I have decided to keep at it.   Yes, I am pretty rusty, hope to get better as the time rolls on.

Hope you will join me, this is a new journey.    

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Reading

        I finally picked my summer reading.
This is the first book from the series The Bregdon Chronicles.
I have been reading a review of the series and am excited.
You can order from

                                                               I will be sure to give you my report on what I think of the first book. So far all that I have read about and from Ginny Dye is very good.
Are any of you reading this series and if so I would love to hear your opinion.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Where do I begin?

So many emotions, how do you get them sorted out and put into words?
I could just do a reporters job, just the facts. How many acres burned, how many homes and business destroyed.
Maybe try to explain how it feels to be told you have to go and have to go now!  Nope, no words for any of that.
          This was the first sight.
        There was no way to know at this time
     just how bad this was going to get.
          With a change of wind, we could
      see, fire had hit the town.
           A fire storm hit an area of
          high end homes.  

         Wind blown embers from the fire
      started the fire at Michelsen packing,
     Which caused embers which spread the 
fire to Northwest wholesale, Stemilt growers and Bluebird.

          As of now, it smolders.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Special outfits!

I love doing special sewing for the holidays.  These are a few from the past.  
                                 Zoe was ready for the holidays
                       she wore this outfit on memorial day
                           plus on the forth.

                            The Forth is a special day for 
                                 all of us.

         I did these two, so her cousin Chloe could also
    have a special holiday outfit.  Since Chloe is younger, she got the top and short set.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

My trinkets are not just trinkets

              They are memories

I am not the type that shops for trinkets.
Every trinket holds a memory, every one of them came into my home for a reason.

            Like the roosters

                     OK, so she is a chicken. Her name was Charlie.  Why was her name Charlie?  Because that is the type of sister I had.

                               That is my sister, master gardener,
            master decorator and best of all
                  MASTER SISTER.

It is all her fault that roosters came to live at my house.  

          This is another chicken story
           it just seemed to fit the topic. 

So roosters live on the hutch

They bring me happy memories.  The rooster here is, yup!  a gift from my sister. The clock is something I found in her collection, I guess she liked clocks and I like them now also.  The sewing cabinet is also from my sister's collection of old furniture.

so these are not trinkets to fill up space. These are memories, well loved memories.
My sister can't be far away, I have her 'stuff'

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Starting at the front door

           Which is also the dining room

Instead of having a separate dining room. My dining space is right there when you open the front door. 

The table takes up most of the space, so there is where I will begin.  
Remember I promised to embarrass myself, so here goes.
Because the table is at the door, it becomes the place to dump what ever you have in your hands as you walk in.

 First try, my crystal cake plate.
        The doily is way to small

So I went with a larger table runner. One I made in quilt class.
I love my cake plate,  it is one item that is useful, and should not be tucked away.

Friday, June 12, 2015

You dare me!!

  I am trying to follow some ideas stemming from the book,the nesting place. You can follow her blog Here.

I know I have posted before, this time is different.

In fact this will be huge for me.  I love my trinkets but according to Myquillyn Smith, I have enough trinkets, in fact I am in trinket over load.

So, I am to start with one room.  Quiet my space! Yikes.

I have chosen to start with my dining room, which is also my entry way. I hate that about this house but it is what it is.
So to force myself to get started.  If I can get 10 comments saying I dare you!!
I will embarass myself and take before and after pictures of my projects.

You have until Monday!  I am going boating.