Sunday, September 17, 2017


                                     While I work on organizing

Almost have the drawer done!  Just not willing to spend $. So I am trying to come up with ideas that don't cost an arm and a leg.  One little organizing tray from Wal-Mart was marked at $14.00.
So, I thought I would ask if any of you know what these are??
                        Have you used them?

                    What about this gadget?    
Would love to know, what you think they are and what they are used for???                                                                    

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


                         Didn't go as planned

I started this adventure with a drawer right next to my sewing machine.  It is the one that is the most used and really needs to be organized.
Ten minutes turned into an hour, then into two hours.  Then a panicked Facebook post asking if anyone had a clue as to how to organize this drawer.  A few hi fives as I call them, then silence.

                 More Before--- Which also might turn into
                     The after!

So that sums up day one of my organizing challenge.  Feel free to borrow my idea.

Monday, September 11, 2017



Since moving in, all I have done is dump and run.  I sew by pulling out everything I can find and then not put it back!!
So the time has come to organize, and make it an enjoyable place to be.   I am not going to throw myself into organizing as I have in the past.  What I have done is spend a day just diving in and throwing out and not have any sort of plan.
                       The plan

I am going to spend, no more then ten minutes a day organizing.   I will start the clock and when ten minutes is up I will stop for the day.

                      The goal

To have a wonderful, creative space to spend the winter months. Creating, special things for special people.
It needs to be creative, workable and girly.

Follow along and let me know how your organizing is doing.

 My old sewing room, where I had room to spare.
Yes, I still have the dog and he is still hanging around the sewing room.  Although, the room I have now is super tiny.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


                                            Love sewing doll clothes

Just something I really enjoy doing.  It takes very little fabric and time, yet it is just so much fun.

 Meet Genine, the designer of the doll clothes.  She trusted me to test some of her pattern and oh, how I love that 'job'.

 Sam was thrilled when she got to model her romper.  She was very excited she got to go outside and play.

 Same pattern only the long rompers.  Sam also loves working in the garden.

Sam, even likes getting ready for the holidays.  Soon she will be wearing her October outfit.

This year Sam has a friend who will model with her.  Her name is Elisabeth.  They love spending time together.

Monday, August 28, 2017


                        So Many Ideas

One question I run into often is-- Can you smock for the older girl?  Yes, you sure can.  You can even smock for adults, smocking does not have to be just about little people or ornaments.  It is a form of embroidery and I know there is a whole lot of embroidery out there in sewing land.
 This pattern is called "Roses for Rachel" and was in a Sew beautiful magazine.
 Zoe, defiantly was not a toddler.  she loved her smocked dresses.

 She loved this smocked top.  Again, perfect for a growing girl.

I have another idea, I will give a gift to the first person that replies to this post, that is also a member of Apple Valley smockers. Well, you missed this one--maybe I will offer a gift in the future.   

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


                 Just one of many

what are your sewing memories?  I bet you have a ton of them you could share.   when asked to share a sewing memory, it was hard to think of which one to share.
This being back to school time made the choice easy:
This time of year the memory that stands out for me is that of sewing back to school clothes.  I of coarse did that when my kids wee little but was back to sewing school clothes for my daughter when she ended up being a single working mom.  I felt the one thing I could do to help her was to keep the kids clothed. 
So from kindergarten to Jr. high I made their wardrobes.
One year, I was late (by one day) of getting Zoe's outfit made.  Zoe let me know she was not to happy about that!! Not to worry, she had her outfit by the second day.  
               One of a kind, was what Seth always said about his shirts.
 No, I did not always make them matching outfits.

 One of her favorite outfits.

 You can add smocking and still give a big girl feel.

I have ton's more, hope you share some of yours.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


                   I am so lost without her

I just can't seem to sew.  I have even caught myself thinking, the serger is in the shop and so I can't sew!!
Well, that is very, very silly of coarse I can sew.  I am not one of those serger owners that can make their machine stand up and dance.  Mainly I finish seams or make sweatshirts or those darling knit jammies.

Then there are the ruffles you make with the gathering foot. I love adding ruffles to the bottom of shorts or the bottom of anything that seems like it would stand up to a ruffle.  So I have used all sorts of scraps to make ruffles to have on hand.
Now, can you make ruffles on your sewing machine??  of coarse you can!   A serger is nice to have, do you need one? probably not.  I hope my serger doesn't need repairs anytime soon.  For now, all is well in my sewing world.