Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Carla coat

I love sewing doll clothes and my favorite pattern designer for doll clothes is .Genine  Just love, love her patterns.   Genine designed this wonderful coat pattern that you must add to your collection.   It makes up so many different ways I thought I would share a few sewn by members of Everythingsewing..

This mink coat just blows me away. It was sewn by Karen.
The hooded jacket was sewn by Genine. Isn't it darling?  

Front and back version of the Euro Jacket, also sewn by Genine.  The next one is my version of the Euro jacket.  Sam was happy with it.

The pattern offers many more versions,  I think it will keep me busy for quite awhile.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Better Then Calgon

Some times we just need to take ourselves on a little vacation  and think about all the beauty around us. Maybe revisit in our minds the good day's and fun times.  
So, that's what I did today.   This picture was taken on Lake Roosevelt, it is such a peaceful a place where you have a feeling everything is standing still.

My next favorite place is Ohme gardens, and it's not to far from where I live.  A wonderful paradise to wander through and pretend the rest of the world does not even exist.

I tend to let my goals of what I think I should be doing, over shadow the fact that taking time to reflect is just as important as all those items on the to do list.  Maybe it's even more important.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Karen got out her whip

Karen knew I was having trouble getting motivated to do our one yard challenge, so she got the whip out and told me her boots were in the closet and if I didn't get with it, I was going to get a boot in the you know where.

We have a new challenge every month on Everythingsewing and this one seemed so simple. Make anything you want, with the rule being you could only use a yard.  So using a half yard for the fashion fabric and a half yard for the lining, I made this little top.  The pattern is called Riley by Bonnie Blue.

Thank you Karen, it helps to have friends that will give you an extra push.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Who Me?

I have not written in my web log for awhile as I really had to come to grips with what was going on with me.  After my brace came off my hand I noticed if I held something my hand would shake.  OK, it was just recovering and getting stronger, only the shakes started getting worse.  Then my left hand started doing the same thing.
The next thing I noticed was I was having a hard time swallowing, that is also not uncommon for me when My sinuses flare up.  Well, this continued for over a week until one morning when I got up my whole body was shaking.  I mean hard shakes--so it was time to head for the Dr.  I called the office only to find out my Dr. would be out of town for two weeks, now that is just wrong.  Dr.s can take a day off in my book not weeks!!  So it was off to the ER, hate that place.
The first thing the Dr. asked me was "are you anxious"? " Well, yes as a matter of fact I am, my body is shaking and I need you to make it stop."  The lack of panic on his face did me no good, I think a Dr. should say something like "OMG lets  find out what is going on" but no, he just acted very calm.  Sent the nurse in to take out all my blood and left the room.
Then, when he did come back he said " you have a anxiety disorder".  What?  I never heard of it.  He made sure before giving me any medication that I did not drive myself there.
Now, after he has given my a list of the symptoms I can check them all off as yes.
Here are signs you should watch for:
1. Feeling tired or irritable, or having a hard time concentrating.
2. Having a headache or muscle aches
3.Having a hard time swallowing
4.Feeling shaky, sweating, or having hot flashes

So now I wait for my Dr. to get back.  I do have emergency medication I can take but so far the symptoms are not that bad.  Mornings are the worse and things seem to improve a bit through the day.  
So, now I feel a little better just sharing.  I also got out when we had some nice days and snapped a picture of the winter wheat field, ready to be plowed under and spring wheat planted.  Something about the fields going on and on in open space that I just love.  I have heard people say how boring there is nothing to see, but I see futures, past's and God.