Christmas Gift Calendar

                                         Our goal for this month
Will be to make a list of everyone you give gifts to.  This will include the kids teachers, neighbor, everyone.

Next, list your skills.  Do you knit, crochet, sew, or bake. What ever it is be sure to list it.

Now, put the list aside, do not lose it!! Just put it in the desk drawer or tart the list on the computer.  You will be getting this list out again soon.


You are probably getting a few ideas of what you would like to make for Christmas, so time to start matching names with projects.  Would Aunt Polly like a crocheted shawl? Take an inventory of the supplies you have on hand. I have a lot of 'cream and sugar' cotton yarn, so I think i will crochet and knit up some dish cloths.   

Start projects that will take the most time. I have planned on doing two twin size quilts, so it is best to get started on those this month. Any long term knitting projects would be good to start now.
I will be making gift baskets for the girls ans will search for random items, that are unusual. I think my plan is coming together. 

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