Friday, December 21, 2012

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

We all want to do something to help and this is a wonderful way for those of us that have embroidery machine.  Embroidery Library has offered a free design.  Mine are drying now.

Make a Snowflake for the Students of Sandy HookFree through January 10, 2013
Stitch a snowflake for the children of Sandy Hook

Words cannot describe the sadness and grief that we felt at the news of the Sandy Hook school shooting. Our thoughts and prayers have been with the community as we struggle to understand this loss.

Recently we learned of a great way to support the community. The PTA will welcome the students to their new school with a winter wonderland, and are asking people to send snowflakes to decorate the school.

You can read more about the effort at the PTA website here. If you have spare time this holiday season, please make a few snowflakes with this free lace design. Send snowflakes to:

Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway
Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, CT 06514

Embroiderers are so generous with their time and talents. We know that together we can fill the new school with snowflakes. Please mail your snowflakes so that they arrive at the PTA office by January 12th, 2013. Thank you!

If you're new to making freestanding lace, click here for a free tutorial!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Still sewing Christmas Presents

I followed the instructions for using the Floriani perfect stick tearaway. I knew since the towels had some body to them, getting them hooped was going to be a problem so I went hoopless.  The problem came up when I tried to remove the stabilizer, it did not release like the instruction said it would.
I asked for suggestions and found water would work in getting rid of the bits.  No where in the Floriani instructions does it give you a clue this might happen.
they cleaned up pretty good but I had more towels to do, towels with a much deeper pile.

Some seemed to have luck adding Sulky Totally Stable between the towel and the stabilizer, so I tried that.  I have scribbled on the stabilizer because it is white on white.
Then I stuck it to the perfect stick.
I make a copy and use those to center my design.
It seemed to stitch fine. Yes, I did use a topper.

Then the test--tear it all away!! It tore away with no problem, none of the stickies sticking to the loops.
I do have some clean up to do, but I am happy with the results. Now, I don't feel so bad about facing the other towels I need to do.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday night at the movies

My favorite movie, "Its a Wonderful Life" and has become a tradition to watch at Christmas.  Tonight, we will pop some pop corn and put in our movie.  We have the black and white version which just seems to make it so much better.  Do you have a favorite movie that just makes Christmas for you?

I think I would love to live in Bedford falls.  I know I would love to live in a simpler time.Maybe I should say I would love to live in a simpler time AGAIN.   

Friday, December 7, 2012

Best house on the block!

With much excitement Zoe ran into the house on Christmas Eve bearing her precious gift.  Zoe, was now in kindergarten and had just finished her first class project, of a Christmas gift.
Lots of love went into painting this sweet shop, for it was to be a gift for Grandma.  She knew how much Grandma enjoyed putting out the Christmas village each year and how much she looked forward to seeing it brought out. 
Zoe, was thrilled to be able to add to the village and each year she checks out her little shop, nestled in with the other shops, It is the best house on the block.  I added a tea light so it can shine with the other houses.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crochet potholder--easy

Crochet Potholder
Submitted by dawna
Step One: Chain an odd number. The length of the chain will be the length of the finished potholder.

Step Two: SC (single crochet) in each chain. When you come to the end continue to sc as shown.

Step Three: Continue to sc. You will notice the ends will start to turn up.

Step Four: Continue until ends meet.

Step Five: When ends meet slip stitch to close.

Step Six: Finished potholder

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Tree---Memory Tree

I have been able to enjoy many others tree's and traditions thanks to blog land.  I think even though we put the tree's up at Christmas, they become wonderful memory tree's.  The Christmas past that we shared with loved ones, that are no longer with us.   Remembering the magic from our youth, when everything was just so wonderful.
Here are a few of my new memories, since we moved not very many of the old things came with us, but took up residence at our children's homes.
This Santa, came to dress our tree when Zoe was just tiny.  I had to run to Joann's fabric and put Zoe in the cart, as we passed a shelf she reached out and grabbed the Santa.  Zoe, held on to him so carefully that when we got to the check out I knew we would be taking Santa home with us.  He has graced the tree every year since.

I love that Santa.

The gold tree is so special to me.  We were able to take sis Christmas shopping and this is one of the ornaments she picked up.  I just love it, it is so her all glamor and bling.

Now, to add the presents and make another year of memories.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let It Snow!!

I enjoy making these snowflakes on the embroidery machine.
I like to slip them into a Christmas card and give a little gift, that takes nothing but some thread and time to make.

My goal for next week, is to get more of these made. Can you believe last year I made dozens and didn't keep even one for myself!!   Must change that this season.