Thursday, January 22, 2015

Favorite sewing Blogs part two


                                             Meet Kathy Dykstra

 Kathy has a perfect name for her blog, as her sewing is indeed, a sewing adventure.
I am always in awe, of what she can do with some fabric, thread and a whole lot of talent.
Kathy has designed garments for magazines, such as Sew Beautiful and Australian Smocking and Embroidery.   Kathy is also a teacher and her blog is an extension of her teaching.

  Kathy has been a big inspiration to me as she always goes that extra step in making something special,  she sews for organizations that make gowns for babies that will not live.
In making these gowns Kathy makes sure each one is special.  
Since I also sew for Wee-care babies, she has encouraged me to take the extra time, to add something special.
         Visit Kathy at 

She has a lot of inspiration to share with you.

             Another favorite

          Shirley C

You will love Shirley. I know some of you that visit me also visit Shirley because she has shared your blogs with me.
I love being able to call bloggers my friends, even if I know that we may never meet in person. It really doesn't matter as far as friendship goes.
Since I am a beginner quilter, Shirley has held my hand through many projects. Well, as many as I have done (which isn't much at this point).  I will add,  Shirley has also been there for me when I need embroidery help or blog help.  I think I can call her one of my go to people.  Wonder if she ever tires of me.

Shirley latest  quilts were made for her grand children to enjoy as Christmas gifts.  I will also say she did these quilts and had knee surgery last fall.   she is a real hero.

                I spy quilts
             sewn by Shirley
            I told you she is special.

                    Visit Shirley

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Favorite (sewing) Blogs

            Sharing some Favorites

I am a blog follower.  I have learned so much by being able to visit with people that I would never have known, if there were no blogs.

I will start by sharing sewing blogs, because sewing is so close to my heart.

Then, I will share decorating blogs- Then some  wonderful ladies that I would hope to meet someday. 

Visit Bunny at La Sewista

I have shared Bunny's blog before. A wonderful, passionate, lady.  Full of the 'What's next' kind of passion.  Always learning something new.  Always, sharing what she learns.  Bunny has the kind of passion she so wants others to have and shares so willingly.  Visit Bunny Here.Oh and did I mention she is very organized. I am trying to learn that from her.
                                                   From Bunny's blog.

                                                         My next favorite
                    Angela Lee
                Just give me a needle

 This lady is such an inspiration.  She makes her own Christmas presents and they are better then anything you could ever buy.

       I am always going to do a sew along with Angela and get all my gifts made, so far I have fallen off the sewing wagon and have not reached my goal.  Maybe if we start early this year- like in NOW!!  I will be able to keep up.   A very sharing and helpful lady, you will love her blog.

I have many favorites. Inspiring ladies that sew, quilt and share their passions.  So stay tuned for more.      

Friday, January 16, 2015

Snow Day

                  Snow day=
                   Happy Day

I knew if it would only snow, we could then see the sun.

                                       That my friends is Sun!!
                                     Beautiful sun and blue skies.

How I have longed to see blue sky.  Oh and sun!!

               Even the birds are happy
             Do their little feet get cold???


An added bonus to a snow day-

I get hot cocoa with  


 p.s.   My grandson did my header--isn't that clever????

Monday, January 12, 2015

Kids Four Corner Apron--My latest project

Continuing on with sewing for fun, we have a Four corner Apron by Vanilla house.   
 I have made this apron before in a small size. This time I chose to do the largest size, which is a 7/8.

A very simple fun project, but you are working at angles which plays with your mind a bit.
The first thing I did was make a pattern.
I used freezer paper.  I like using freezer paper for patterns because it is cheap. I mean
not very  expensive.  If you need it to be wider you just iron two pieces together. 
                                            The wax melts and binds
               the pieces together.

                                                 perfect print

 working at an angle made it feel like everything was a bit off.  Nope, it was right on.                          

 Hard getting a picture. I think it needs to be on the little girl that is getting this apron. 

It was fun!   that's what sewing is all about right now.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Something fun

                          Not to serious

I think sometimes we take ourselves way to serious, especially when it involves one of our hobbies.   

While visiting one of the many blogs I like,   I noticed this fabric box. It is cute, not serious at all and I had to give it a try.
You will find the tutorial here--

                    Not to serious fabric

                                               So far, very simple

                                                Looking like a box. I think I could use it just like this or-----

                  I can fold the top down as shown in the tutorial
                   don't you think it needs cherry buttons?

                             Wonder if I can find some
                                       cherry buttons

                           There you have it. as simple as
                                          one, two, three

Thursday, January 8, 2015

We Have a winner!!

                You are the winner of this fun book.
                        Please contact me.

Vanessa, I could not find any contact information for you.  Please contact me by Saturday.   If I do not hear from you we will hold another drawing.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Downton Abby starts tonight


How many of you are following this story?