Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another great creation

This outfit was sewn by my friend Jerry. She does the most amazing designs and really is an expert at mixing fabrics. She call this "cute little witch top". I love the embroidery on the jeans and you might also notice how she did the ruffle.
This is the third year in a row we have used this print for a Halloween outfit; but the last two years the print was on an ivory background. My daughter found this fabric on her recent trip to NYC. Then she scouted out the embroidery sites and found an applique designed to match the "Cute Little Witch" in the print from . I tried to match the applique fabrics as closely as I could to the print which left off any touches of the teal of the background of the print. We will pretend the jeans will represent that color. I actually had an orange tee, but failed to put either that one or a white one under the top for pictures...sorry!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Karens skirts

My friends are still sewing up a storm, so I will share a great inspiration from Karen. The skirts, tops and headbands were made for her granddaughters. When she sent me the pictures she said I could pick one, little does she know I am going to share more then one. The girls are just to darling in their skirts, so how do you pick just one??

Karen sewed these skirts using strip's from Michael Millers fabric call Children: I will let Karen explain:

It was such cute fabric. And a BIG THANK YOU to Nonie for posting this for me. I'm so sorry that I have to have her do it.This is "Michael Miller's" called "Children". The polk-a-dot on the top was a seperate bolt, but the rest was just cut from the "Children" fabric. It has a third (stripe?) panel across the fabric which was boy's silhouettes, didn't use that. Being pink/brown, don't know how you'd use it for a boy. I tried to find a picture of this fabric to show you gals, it was in Oregon. I fell in love with it, and bought 2 yards. Just enough to make the two skirts. The color is wrong here, it's the regular brown/pink like the polk-a-dotsThe pattern was from an old Ottobre. It's just the center section, top yoke, and skirt. I pieced justthe bottom row from some of the fabric to get the combinations.KarenThe fabric:

What a great idea, thank you Karen for sharing.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Butterfly by Betty

Since spring is right around the corner. I thought maybe you need a reminder to add sometime fun when sewing for little people.

I know you will want to add this little butterfly to your own design: So here are Betty's instructions.

A: Top, middle and bottom shows drawing on transfer paper, paper ironed on the back, peel paper off and iron on the lining.

B: Tiny zig zag in matching color on the very edge of the wings, cover body in a darker thread covering it solid. Use fray check or fray block around the edges, let dry well.

Second picture shows cutting away the extra fabric. Bottom picture shows completed butterfly.

C: Attach butterfly by straight stitching around the edges of the body only: Either embroider black "feelers", use a thin script perm marker or heavy carpet thread with a knot on each end and tack in place.

Bend the wongs up and curve.

The same idea can be used for flowers, ect.

I am not sewing but my friends are

As I work my way back to the sewing room, I would like to share what some friends are sewing.

This dress called the MURPHY'S LAW DRESS, is anything but that in my mind. I think it is perfect and so inspiring. The dress was created and sewn by my friend Betty. Betty said, she had trouble with every part of this dress: Thinking the problem might have been from not having ebough fabric to do what she wanted.

I can only say, the dress is adorable and so inspiring to think out of the box.

The fabric is cotton the pattern number is Simplicity 2928. Betty used a quilting tool to space the pintucks on fabric before cutting out the front of the dress;

You might notice the butterfly, which is also a Betty creation.