Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Reading

        I finally picked my summer reading.
This is the first book from the series The Bregdon Chronicles.
I have been reading a review of the series and am excited.
You can order from

                                                               I will be sure to give you my report on what I think of the first book. So far all that I have read about and from Ginny Dye is very good.
Are any of you reading this series and if so I would love to hear your opinion.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Where do I begin?

So many emotions, how do you get them sorted out and put into words?
I could just do a reporters job, just the facts. How many acres burned, how many homes and business destroyed.
Maybe try to explain how it feels to be told you have to go and have to go now!  Nope, no words for any of that.
          This was the first sight.
        There was no way to know at this time
     just how bad this was going to get.
          With a change of wind, we could
      see, fire had hit the town.
           A fire storm hit an area of
          high end homes.  

         Wind blown embers from the fire
      started the fire at Michelsen packing,
     Which caused embers which spread the 
fire to Northwest wholesale, Stemilt growers and Bluebird.

          As of now, it smolders.