Friday, February 17, 2012

The Reason

As I think about it, I feel bad that the Seth pillowcase is not up to standard and I posted it anyhow.  Thought maybe I should tell you the reason and its this.
The reason for that!! is this:
Her name is Lulu, but right now her name is mud!!   she has to run before me when it is time to go out. I don't know if she thinks she is better at opening doors then I am or what the reason for the big hurry but this time she got in front of me and STOPPED!!!   The choice of what to do flashed through my mind, I had a few options.  1. Land on the dog and try to hide her body.  2. Try to fall with grace, missing the dog and breaking a hip. Or option 3. Reach for the table to stop my fall. I chose number three. My wrist came down so hard on the table I heard a loud crack.  Thankfully, nothing is broken only a bad sprain.
Now, that leads me to the question of why do Doctors say things like "A sprain can be worst then a break?" Should they not just break the wrist so it's not as bad?  
So, I apologize for the sad looking pillowcase, I was just so excited to find out how much money I save by sewing them and the kids get something special.
I am also learning I suck at being left handed.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sew or Buy

While making this pillowcase for Seth for a Valentine present  I wondered how much do they cost to make. I had never paid any attention to what I might be spending, I just know the kids love getting them.
I have a  how to for making these pillowcases here

I know the kids love licensed fabric, which runs about $10.00 a yard, the case takes a yard to make so already you are at $10.00.   Now, of coarse since you sew, you know about sales and stash.  I was able to get this piece as a remnant, so it was just a couple of dollars.  The whole pillowcase cost me about $5.00.

With some research, which I confess got out of hand as I went from link to link looking for personalized pillowcases, ending up at one site selling them for $85.00 a pair, I thought it best to stay realistic.
I found a comparable at Orient Expressed. Very cute machine embroidered pillowcases, cotton fabric, standard size for $18.00 a single case.  Add a monogram $8.00 add $5.00 shipping and your monogrammed pillowcase now cost $31.00.
So even if you do pay full price for your fabric and we who sew try to never pay full price for anything. You would still save $21.00.
Wow doesn't love to save money???

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We are Woman hear us Roar

Not the topic I was going to post today but this is so important.  When asked to blog, tweet, Facebook and get the word out anyway we can I thought it is the least I can do.  Plus Please sign the petition.   This should not be happening in this great country. 
I would love to get on my soap box but will let you read the stories.   I know you will join in signing and blogging and spreading the word.    Another wonderful creative lady I follow through blogs is helping to spread the word, read her story and courage.  Lil Blue Boo, has to be my inspiration, I wish I knew her personally.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Machine Embroidery an old art.

I love collecting old sewing books and pamphlets. I can not tell you how thrilled I was when a friend gave me this one.  I can not find a date when it was printed, but it was printed in France.  I am sure the point of the booklet was, to sell thread.
It covers machine embroidery stating "In an era where the demands of industry lead inevitably to standardization , embroidery offers you many means of getting away from mass-production"   Little did they know where this was going to lead.
From learning free motion embroidery to our now stand alone embroidery machines we have come along way indeed.
I am sure the booklet was published to sell C.B "A La Croix" thread.  Not many supplies were listed to complete the embroidery.
It states the embroideress apprenticeship starts here. You can not carry out delicate embroidery without first acquiring a certain skill in the art of darning.    It follows with many step by step lessons.
This is a picture of what you can do with the filling-in stitch as they call it.  

The machines doing this work  must have been among the first in zig-zag machines, as some of the stitches shown in the booklet are zig zag stitches, others are straight stitches with the operator controlling the direction of the machine.
This is so fascinating to me. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Things

I need to start small on this saving project, so today it will be about buttons. A small item that can add up to big bucks.  Using the right button can make or break an outfit.  If the buttons are to big, they can be over powering almost becoming a focal point, sometimes this will be the look you are after but most of time they are functional. To small and they lose their function.

I you sew, you have a button jar or tin.  I still have grandma's button tin and oh how I love it. Wish that tin box could talk and tell me stories of the items grandma made.
Collecting buttons can also be just plain fun.  I also like my button jar and it serves as a decoration on the shelf of my sewing room.
 Check items you plan to discard, there might be buttons you can use,  clip them of and they go in the button jar.  I have a friend who checks out thrift stores for buttons and has found some wonderful mother of pearl buttons for just a few cents.  Also some garments in thrifts stores will yield not only buttons but good zippers and usable fabric for another project.
Stock up when you find button's on sale, pick colors you know you will use.  Remember little things do add up.  Besides, it really helps me to start small, being a tight wad is new to me.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My New Motto

Alright, so maybe it's just the motto for this year. I don't know how long I can hold out and be a real tightwad but I am going to try.  I have things I would like and that means saving for those things which brings me to the save status.

I remember when I worked for a fabric store, they had a cost to buy and cost to make sheet made up for each of the stores samples.  When a new outfit was sewn up, the cost was broken down right to the amount of thread, then a comparable outfit was shown and the cost compared.  Of coarse the sewn outfit always came out with the best price.

I thought it would be interesting to do the same thing.  When I sew an outfit, I will try to compare it with cost to buy.  Now, with everything going up in price especially fabric, it should be interesting.

I also have my own bumper-sticker to remind me, how cool is that!!!