Friday, February 19, 2016

Something black and red

Or is it something black or something red!
  I don't remember right now.  I did add some black by making a little table topper. I added  a black frame to Zoe's picture plus a red candle holder.  I hope I covered the bases.

          So, here is my black and red

           This candle holder, also has
              Black!  Plus it is bigger.

I think I might like this one better, not sure!

  Using a plain black frame I think it works.
 Still thinking I should perk up the frame
               a bit.

That is my attempt at decorating this week!
I am thinking that fabric might make nice trim on the bath towels. Bringing some black into the bathroom.    

Thursday, February 11, 2016

How do you set the table?

                  Simple setting
I can't remember where I got this picture
but I think the tittle was simple table-setting.  It is very basic yet very pretty
and welcoming.   
I have gotten away from 'setting' the table.
Looking at this picture I an sad that I have not been taking a few seconds to set the table even if there is just two of us.
Do you set the table?
So, I will be using my 'fun' dishes for a meal once in awhile.
                Will have to come up with something for these dishes.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

FOR LOUISE, disappearing nine patch

Maybe I should say "Hi Louise".  Hope you were able to find me.  I am Everythingsewing journal now, it helps in finding me.

Back to the topic:
Here is how I am doing my baby quilt, the disappearing nine patch.

            Make a nine patch
This one is not sewn together, to show you
 how you can lay them out;
  Keep in mind the blocks that will be cut apart. Move the blocks around until you are happy. Once you are happy, sew the rows together, to make a nine patch block.  

Your next step with be to cut the patch in quarters.   Sew those quarters back together, to remake your block.

          I didn't want any seams to
           to line up!
     I could spend hours playing with 
        different combinations.

    Missouri Quilt company has an excellent
tutorial on making this quilt.