Thursday, November 30, 2017


                                SO HARD

It is so hard to say goodbye to Nancy Zieman.  She was instructor to so many of us that love sewing.  To me, she was the person that was my inspiration, to keep learning, keep trying that nothing was impossible.  
I could write for hours on what she meant to me.  I will share her goodbye.

I bet it is hard for you also.  To so many of us, she was the one person we all can relate to.  Nancy is the one we always watched.  I have everyone of her books, some of them are so used they have marked up pages, and to this day sit right by my sewing machine.
So, I guess I will never say goodbye. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017


                  Lost in the sewing room

I really wanted to keep this little blog up, but time has not been my friend.  Maybe I just have not used my time wisely  but who knows. After missing Christmas last year, I made a vow that this year would be different, and I would make almost all my Christmas presents.  I say almost because I do have some pictures I need to frame so no sewing will be involved there.
Then I was stumped , when it came to what do you sew for a boy who just turned 18???  By the time I thought of what to do I had little time to carry out the project.  I had decided on making him a new quilt.!!
 This is the colors and design I chose.  I guess I did not take a full picture of the top before it went off to the longarm lady. Finding her is another story.  I always used a gal, named Nancy, so when I gave Nancy a call to see if she could do the quilting, she very politely, informed me she was only doing quilting for steady customers.  Luckily I was able to find a lady that will be able to get the quilt done before Christmas.  I think she said December 22nd.  
So here we are, waiting.  I am sure it will all be fine, meanwhile I have gifts to make.