Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Tree---Memory Tree

I have been able to enjoy many others tree's and traditions thanks to blog land.  I think even though we put the tree's up at Christmas, they become wonderful memory tree's.  The Christmas past that we shared with loved ones, that are no longer with us.   Remembering the magic from our youth, when everything was just so wonderful.
Here are a few of my new memories, since we moved not very many of the old things came with us, but took up residence at our children's homes.
This Santa, came to dress our tree when Zoe was just tiny.  I had to run to Joann's fabric and put Zoe in the cart, as we passed a shelf she reached out and grabbed the Santa.  Zoe, held on to him so carefully that when we got to the check out I knew we would be taking Santa home with us.  He has graced the tree every year since.

I love that Santa.

The gold tree is so special to me.  We were able to take sis Christmas shopping and this is one of the ornaments she picked up.  I just love it, it is so her all glamor and bling.

Now, to add the presents and make another year of memories.


  1. Gorgeous tree, Nonie! Christmas is believing and all about wonderful memories.

  2. Your tree is beautiful....so full of lots of colorful ornaments and even more memories!!!