Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Happy Day

Friday was our Anniversary.  It was also a day full of test and Dr. visit's.   Over the years of anniversary's I have put in a lot of thought as to where we would go for dinner.  Sometime it was very elaborate places and sometime is it was celebrated by spending the whole week-end someplace.
This year it was celebrated on the Columbia river, on a little boat I call "Wild thing".
We had pizza!   Pretty fancy huh?  
 The river was as smooth as glass.  I hope that means smooth sailing for a long time to come.
I had a great report from the Dr.  there is no cancer!!  I will have to do some follow up visits for awhile.  I can never remember a time when a Dr. gave me a hug. I think I hugged back just as hard, and said Thank you a million times.
I am so blessed, to be able to live here in paradise.  From our mighty river to our mighty mountains, I am blessed.


  1. Happy Anniversary. Congratulations on your tests - so gld that everything is fine. Beautiful river - sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Nonie! May your blessings continue for many,many years. Big hugs, friend.

  3. I totally understand your joy! I think the way you celebrated your anniversary was fantastic. I always feels you should do the things you love the most on those special days!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Nonie!! Love the pics too! It just looks so inviting!

  5. What a beautiful anniversary...and no cancer. Praise the Lord.
    I am so happy for you, dear one.