Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Second Year anniversary

I love a summer sky and could spend hours just
gazing up and watching the different formations.  As the Dr. reminded me at my appointment June 10th, I had met my 2 year date of being diagnosed with cancer.  Today, not a sign of it! So there will be more summer skies.  
 Looking back now, the one thing I think I would have changed would have been to write about what I was going through.  One of the reason is, I lost a year.  The whole year of active treatment is gone, probably God's way of protecting me.  The second reason,     is to better help those going through treatment.  We have a friend that has just been diagnosed with cancer  and I am trying my best to calm her fears.  I think, it would have been better if she could have gone back and read about my treatment.

Today, I met my new primary care Dr. as my oncologist Dr. Smith felt it was time to move a little out of the nest. When you have active cancer they do not like sharing you with anyone.  My new Dr. is Dr. Lynn, who by the way studied under Dr. Smith, so I should be in good hands.  The visit went well, I really like Dr. Lynn a lot.
Since there was really nothing for her to do, since this was a meet and greet visit, she decided to freeze off a wart!  Gave her something to do, which was good.

I hope to share more, and if there are any questions or anything I can help you with please let me know. 


  1. Congratulations Nonie. That just made my day!!

  2. Oh congratulations and what a blessing. I am so super thrilled. God Bless.

  3. A happy anniversary indeed! Gorgeous images of clouds.

    Have a lovely 4th of July!

  4. That's one of the best anniversaries to celebrate. Rejoicing with you!!!