Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mixed Emotions

         My violets are doing so well.
          Usually, I don't seem to have 
         much luck with house plants.
          Or any plant!!

I have such mixed emotions about this move.
It is one of those times when you take out
pencil and paper and write down all the good things and a list about the not so good things and compare.
So, I decided to just concentrate on the good.  Those little "what have we done" moments sneak up on me and I need to brush them away.  They usually hit when I am trying to calm down and get some sleep.
I really believe that you bloom where you are planted and right now this is where I have been planted.
So, I hope you follow along with my journey. There might be tears, and of coarse when it all comes together, there will be acceptance. 

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