Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It has been along time

Wow, the last post was Sept 30th.  That is a long time ago and a lot has happened to me since then.
The good of all of it, is I am recovering and getting stronger by the day.  Right now I am dealing with dizziness but am hoping they find the cause soon.

To help pass the healing time I am doing samplers of smocking.  Not just samplers but a new to me method of smocking.  Instead of working across the rows, this method had you working vertically, down the rows.  Getting a grip of the new method does take some getting used to.

My first sampler:



  1. Sorry that you are under the weather and hoping that the Dr's will soon find out what's wrong. I seem to have an inter ear infection and that will make you dizzy. Mine comes and goes.

    Your smocking looks wonderful. used to do it a long time ago.

    Take care.


  2. Mary, thank you for your comment. I will have the Dr. check tomorrow for an ear infection, I think they have checked everything but that.