Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Time for a change

Our smocking group has been named.
Apple Valley Smockers
since it was formed. 
I saw it as a time to change. Not, just the name but what we do as people that love to sew and create.
Apple Valley, is used for everything--the word smockers, said we smocked things.  What every that is supposed to be.

So, along with another member that shared my thought process.  We changed the name!!
I had some banners made and although I am not
excited about this display at our local quilt show.
I am excited about the possibilities. 

Like I said Change is good.


  1. This new name might just bring a few more interested and interesting people into your group. I am sure that the amount of fiber art is not a new thing, but with the internet and Pinterest there seems to be so much of it explored and shared these days. I love trying all kinds of different things and I have always loved the charm of smocking, although; it looks very difficult to me. I think it is a long lost art and I think it is wonderful that you ladies are keeping it alive and well. I also think that life is short, so try new things. You just might get a new member or two with new things to share and teach. How fun it that!
    One of my most treasured items is an infant dress that I wore as a baby. It is the palest of blues and has a smocked yoke. I was born in 1945, so it has been around a while. Vintage, like me, LOL. I have it hanging on the wall in one of our bedrooms.
    Wishing you a lovely week.
    Connie :)

    1. Thank you Connie, we are hoping for the same thing, more members. So much to explore with needle and thread.