Thursday, April 30, 2020


Filling the box

I do not get to see my coast family very often.  I think of them everyday
and I love thinking of things to send.

So what projects are in the box?

Some were sent already, but I wanted
to show you what I like
to send.

In process to go in the next box are:

 I am making scrunchies!

I found the tutorial for these at

Sweet red poppy

I had instructions I used years ago, but these are more of an updated version.

The version comes with long or short
tails.  Those are just tied on, so 
she could chose not to have
one on, or change to a short tail.


I will be making more towels

  They like to camp, so I knew the camper
would need something new.

Then for granddaughter
because she said she likes country


So, now I am working on
a new box.
If I knew what we would 
all be doing at this
point in our lives I 
have had the box ready to go.


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  1. Nonie, i enjoyed checking out your blog. the embroidery on the camper towel is too cute