Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sometimes when things are not going very good, I search my mind for good and happy memories. Those times seem to happen in the summer time for me. I do love Thanksgiving and Christmas but they just do not compare to summer.

A picnic sometimes just happens, no planning, no panic, just a phone call to a friend or family member asking "what are you doing today?" The answer usually is, "Why don't we all meet at the river and have a picnic."

The little town gathering where you eat ice cream and get your face painted and, meet up with family and friends one more time.

The hot summer nights when you go out at midnight and rock on the swing, everything is quiet except for the crickets. Those are the memories, I like to bring back to mind now as the weather cools and frost is on everything in the morning. The memories of the kids laughter and squeals of delight as we zip across the river. So, I won't say goodbye to summer, I will keep her close as a very special memory until the next summer comes along.

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