Monday, December 14, 2009

First day-Pillowcases

Making pillowcases is a quick and easy project. A great project for beginners or getting back to sewing after a long break.  They also make fun and useful gifts.
Gather your fabric: You will need fabric for the body(main part) Header and contrasting trim piece.

  • Body piece-23"x45"
  • Header-13"x45"
  • trim-2"x45"

A word about the trim piece. You can not use a trim piece and add rick rack to the seam as a top stich finish.  You can add wide rick rack in the seam and let the little points stick out.  Also you could add lace or eyelet.  so there are lots of different looks you can get.  I will use a trim piece in mine.

Not all 45" fabric is 45" wide some can be as short as 42" so be sure to measure and trim any long pieces.

I also trim off my selvage edges, this makes it easier to have a neat finished seam.  This piece is for the trim piece and I know it looks wider then 2", but I am making two pillow cases the same so I cut my trim 4" then will trim to 2".

You know have your kits made up and are ready to sew them together. 

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