Friday, December 25, 2009

Lets put the kit together

After you have cut out your kit so you have all the pieces its time to assemble them into a pillowcase.

Pin your body piece,trim and header together along the 45" side of your pieces.

Once your piece is all pinned together, lay it wrong side up and start rolling the body toward the header.

Keep rolling until the edge of the header and the section you pinned together meet.  Now, pin those edges together.  Take to the sewing machine and stitch together.  The body of the pillowcase will be inside and it will look as though you have made a terrible mess.  You haven't!!

You will reach inside the tube and pull the body out.   Now you press the the section flat.  You are almost done, you will just need to sew across the end and down the side seam.

There you go, you have created a pillowcase just that easy.  They make wonderful gifts and children love to own something that has their name on it.

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