Friday, March 12, 2010

My favoite hangout

 I am not a quilter but, my favorite fabric shop is a quilt shop.  The ladies are  warm ,friendly and  helpful.When you go in to the store it is more like going to visit a friend and spend time in their sewing room. 
The only difference is, here I can pick out fabric and take it home with me.  Not sure a friend would like that very much.
This is The Attic window Quilt shop here in Wenatchee.  They make it possible for the Apple valley smockers to hold their meetings,by providing a meeting room. They also made room for us to share our trunk show.
 I hope you also visit their shop as they now sell fabric on line. 
This is what some might think of as heaven.  Every nook and cranny is full of inspiration.  They also have  classes and I promise myself I will take one of their classes.  

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  1. That would be my favorite hangout too, if I lived in Wenatchee. No, it would be number two. Number one would be your kitchen table with a cup of coffee!