Saturday, March 27, 2010

Zoe Models

Zoe models her new duds:   She loves her "white Chocolate"  as it is just what she ordered.

Then she tried on her Betty's Butterflies outfit and that one was her very favorite.  Hope you try the butterflies they are fun to make.

The Easter hunt outfit was also a surprise to her.  I was not sure how the top would fit her. After I had it sewn the neckline looked so big!!
Once she tried it on and filled it out it was just fine and I worried for no reason.

This one is Betty's butterflies:  The pattern is simplicity 2464 a Daisy Kingdom design. 

Last outfit but I think the most fun. Probably because it was so quick to make is her spring, hunting for eggs outfit. The pattern is McCalls 4006, which has many variations. 


  1. What a gorgeous model for some gorgeous frocks!!!!

  2. These are all fabulous but Betty's Butterflys is so chic! I think Zoe could easily get a job modeling for the boutques on EBay. Love her long hair.

  3. The outfits look adorable on Zoe. You also picked an amazing background to show off her gorgeous hair.