Friday, June 25, 2010

Ready for the Fourth

I have made so many of these outfits for the girls for the fourth of July Celebrations.  The original was made using a pinafore pattern. 
Now, with Zoe a little older, the ruffles were just a tad to young looking and her cousin Chloe now lives in a very hot climate which would make the pinafore outfit to warm.
So with some sewing talk with my friend Jerry, the outfits were changed to make them a little more 'big girl' looking and at the same time cool for hot weather.

Now, I hope to get the girls together sometime this summer and have them model their outfits together.

A closer picture of the flag: You will need to adjust it for the size of outfit you are making. It is hard to give a definite size to the flag, as it will depend on what you put it on. On the pinafore, I had no arm holes to consider, the flag takes up the bib.  So, for a sundress or a jon-jon that has a straight bib, just make the flag fill the whole bib area.

I cut  a 2-1/2"x4" piece from the navy. strips are two red 1 1/4"x5 1/2" and two strips 1 1/4"x 9". After I sewed the flag together I backed it with white broadcloth, sewed around three edges leaving the bottom open for turning. Because the bottom of the flag is attached to the skirt, I did not sew up the bottom. After I turned the flag and pressed it, I placed it on the bib of the dress. Quilted the stripes.
On the pinafore, I backed the flag with cotton batting, which makes the flag look nice but is heavy.


  1. Those are so cute! So how did you do the flag on the bib part?

  2. That's so cute! Thanks for the close-up on the flag too!

  3. Thanks for the info. I need to file that away for future use. Great job.

  4. These are adorable. I hope they do get together so you can get a photo.

  5. This is so cute and perfect for watching the parade.

  6. This outfit is too cute! I'll have to keep it in mind & put this idea in my 'to make' stash for our 14 month old grandgirl to wear in 2011!!