Thursday, November 4, 2010

Something Real

That was the request from Zoe.  She has made ton’s of pillows, pillow cases, pin cushions and sometimes just sewed strips of fabric together. Now, she wanted to make something real.  

I thought doll clothes!  Always a sure thing!  Then when Zoe found her mothers old doll Velvet in a box in the garage, a poor naked Velvet, she wanted to make something for her.  Just so happens, since I seem to save everything I still had a pattern that would fit Velvet. Velvet would once again find a little girl to love her.

So, Zoe learned to lay out a pattern. I did mutter something about grain lines, but knew that meant nothing at this point. As long as she hears the sewing terms I am sure someday it will all click.  Right now, it was just time to do something real.


Get the dolls ready and excited about getting to get out of the box.


She pinned the pattern and found out you better place pins inside the cutting line.Yes, we will worry about grain lines later.


Finally made it to the sewing machine and sewing something real.

2010_1102morekids0001 Velvet is not ready yet for her full picture. She has a little ways to go while her new owner works on her new wardrobe.  Bet she feels good just getting out of the box.


  1. Awesome job Zoe!!! I can't WAIT til Elisabeth asks me to help her make something "real". You must be thrilled that she has taken an interest in sewing and you are able to share that with her.

  2. I'm fifty, and yesterday I just bought my first machine. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I think I'll start with some non-real things. After that, I'm (secretly) hoping to do some doll clothes for my husband's granddaughters. Of course, they might be sleeveless mumu's...

    Zoe is an inspiration!

  3. How wonderful Zoe is sew interested. I hope she keeps it up and learns to sew her own clothes some day. The pants fit beautifly and look forward to what top she decides on doing. Grandma likes to mix and match, maybe Zoe will too.

  4. GREAT job, Zoe!! You did a wonderful job on Velvet's pants and I'm sure the top will be, too! Keep up the good work, I will look forward to seeing lots of things you make!!

  5. What fun!!! Great job, Zoe!!! I'm excited for you and know what fun you are going to have, now that you are learning to sew! I can't wait to see what you make next.