Monday, December 6, 2010

The Christmas Dress

2010_1205christmas20100001 I have always sewn Zoe a special dress for Christmas.  Last year because I was taking care of my sister, no sewing was done,  which meant no special Christmas dress.  Zoe let me know in her sweet way.  One day she came to me and said “Do you remember the time you made special dresses for Halloween?  what about Christmas, do you remember the dresses?”   I knew she was hoping I had not forgotten about the special sewing I did for her and I am sure she did not think about my being busy with other things, just that I may have forgotten.   She went on to say, she would really like a Christmas dress that rustled

This was a big order and really struck with me.  A special Christmas dress was always on my mind, as I knew this one had to be extra special.   During the summer, I bought some stash from  Everything sewing  In the stash was this wonderful plaid fabric that rustled.The next challenge was to find a design which would be special,  for that I turned to a designer of children’s clothes that are both modern and classic, which was Laura J of Ellie Inspired.  what a special lady, she jumped right on the challenge and sent Zoe four sketches of ideas that would work with this fabric.  The choice was up to Zoe, to study the sketches and pick the one she liked best.

This is the dress she chose, so with Laura’s talent a new pattern named Nonie’s Girl was born.  Zoe is thrilled with her first formal dress, I can’t thank Laura enough for the work she put into designing this dress.


2010_1205christmas20100006 Her first formal dress.



  1. Love, love, love the dress! It looks fabulous on Zoe. Is it Taffeta? The red Bolero is the perfect addition too. Well done!

  2. Oh Nonie, I adore the dress. And the story was so sweet and loving and sad too. I remember praying for you all during the time you were loving on your sister. I know you must miss her at this time of year. But this dress is just wonderful on the lovely Zoe.

  3. It looks so beautiful on her. You did a wonderful job and I'm so happy that she liked it. It was my favorite pattern to write because of you. Thanks for entrusting me with this special privilege.

  4. Beautiful!!!! Both the dress and the model!

  5. The design the fabric and the sweet girl are perfect. What a special gift to Zoe and I can see from the pictures that you have made her very happy.