Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sams Christmas

I was able to test this pattern for Genine, it is called Lucy and honestly my version does not do the pattern justice.  There is a smocked version of the dress and I can hardly wait to get started on it.  I used the plain version, so I could quickly test the pattern and used a Valentine fabric which actually ended up being a good fabric for a Christmas dress.

Sam is also ready for Valentines day.   What is strange at least to me is, Sam was a pretty neglected little dolly.  When the girls came over they would play with her a little but not much.  Now, that Sam is all dressed and has many clothes, the girls come in, say hello to her but never touch her.  I don't want her to seem off bounds, I do tell them it's fine that they play with her.  I am going to investigate further.

I do not want to forget to add Genine's link so you can find these wonderful patterns and also many more of the snowflakes Genine designed.  I had forgotten to do that on my last post.
Visit Genine 
More of the Lucy pattern
This is the smocked version that Genine made.

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