Saturday, September 22, 2012

Simple things

Making hair bows might seem simple to those that are handy at such things.  I needed something simple to do while my strength comes back, so I thought about how happy hair bows make the grand daughters.  I never seem to find time to make them and now that I have the time I thought I would share a post that was shared on EverythingSewing by Ann a wonderful bow maker.   Then I found these pictures of some bows done by my friend Jerry after she had followed Ann's directions.  So if you need a little help in making bows, these instructions are just perfect.

Ann, you may have created a monster!!! :rotflo: 

I had just a bit of the candy corn ribbon left after using it in the back tie pillowcase dress that was orange with white dots, so I thought I would see if I could turn it into a facsimlie of Ann's bow. It worked! I still need to practice getting my center knot tight and wrapped tightly around the bow, but for my first practice run, I'm very pleased. :D

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  1. This bow turned out great! I love seeing little girls with pretty bow in their hair.