Sunday, September 23, 2012

Smoke-smoke go away

There are good points about living in Central Washington the biggest is all the sun we get.  So, of coarse there is a down side and that is it is very dry here.   We had a huge storm roll through about two weeks ago.   During that time we were hit with a hundred lightning strikes, I know there were a lot but didn't count them, so will take the word of anyone who's job it is to count lightning strikes.
Those stikes started 80 fires, in other words our whole mountain area is on fire and here in the valley we are getting smoke.  
I always read the description of fall as the smell of smoke in the air.  I am sure this is not what they were thinking.


  1. That is so scary, Nonie. I sure hope your breathing is holding up to all these particulates. Stay safe!!

  2. I'm so sorry you are having to worry with this in addition to everything else. Does it help at all to burn candles in the house or to use a Scentsy burner?
    I just cannot stand smoke like that. When people burn leaves here in the fall, it just chokes me to death. It does help for me to burn a candle or 5 in the house, it seems.

    1. Love the idea of burning candle. Love the smell of fall, if it's spices.