Saturday, November 24, 2012

Couple of Projects

This year for Christmas I added some personal towels for the kids.

I have done pillowcases, nothing fancy just a little something just for them with their name embroidered on them. 
The picture of those will have to wait. 

Embroidering on towels was also different for me.  I went to the shop in town that sells machines and supplies and they were so helpful.  They showed me the type of stabilizer to use and how to do hoopless embroidery.
I have some towels left to do so will share their advice with you, although you probably are an expert.


  1. Those look great. I would so love to have an embroidery machine!!! Maybe someday....!!

  2. Great to see you sewing and posting!! Love your towels!

  3. Dear Everything...thanks so much for coming over and following. I am following you right back. Maybe we can meet in the middle and i can talk you into making a pretty towel with MY initials. :))
    Those are so awesome. I so wish I had learned to sew....
    My mother always did such a great job, I just let her do all my sewing and I never learned. with 7 granddaughters. :)