Saturday, September 21, 2013

I am done!!

My ugly fabric has been tamed!
 Because it really did look like a fabric for PJ's,but, was cotton not flannel, I made a pillowcase for my cat loving granddaughter.

Next is a little pillow for a cat named Zoe.  She loves to rest her chin on a pillow, so she is getting her own special little pillow.

Then came the shopping bag.  I wanted to try out a pattern, to see if this bag would work for my quilting class.  
The bag is Kwik-Sew K 3612.  There are patterns for two other type bags included, so I will also be trying those.

            So there are the three items.
                You may see a bit more
                 of this fabric, Someday!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Bunny. Hope you have time to do the next challenge.

  2. What darling projects! All a great way to use up fabric.

    Have a great week!

  3. You did a great job! All of that stress for nothing!

  4. made great work of that rather kittenish fabric. I will be honest and say that I would have been hard put to think of something to make from that fabric. Maybe a little sundress for a toddler? A bonnet to match? But..then again..what if you don't have a toddler. A cute skirt and vest for a little girl a bit older? That's it. Out of idea's. You did wonderfully. Who would have thought of a pillow for a kitty cat. AND with her name on it!!
    Someday I might tell you of my one and only quilting experiences. LOL
    This is interesting. Tonight at the granddaughter in law sat by me and we chatted about quilting and I told her my quilting story. She was telling me that she had just finished a quilt for her husband (my grandson)..and she was so proud. I didn't know she was interested in quilting but she is. I was so pleased.
    Then when I got home a bit ago, I get to meet you. Someone who even gives classes on quilting. I cannot wait to tell her! :)