Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cute little house

I want to find out more about this cute little house.  I go by it on a regular bases, and, although it is in town I wonder if at some point it was a farm house or orchard house.
There was a time when it looked so sad, it was falling into disrepair. 
A for sale sign  went up and shortly came down.  The place started to change and I noticed the new owner was oh so creative.  Each month a new theme was put up in the yard.  
I have wanted to take pictures for a long time and share this little house but, I didn't dare. What would the owners think of me stalking them???
Then!! Ta-Da, I find out it has been turned into a bed and breakfast. It is not far from the hospital and is the perfect spot for those with loved ones in the hospital to be able to be close.  
I will now be keeping you up on the decorating, since I feel it is fine to take pictures. I am hoping I get to meet the owner and get a few inside pictures.

 Maybe I can get some evening pictures so you can see the lights.


  1. This is indeed a cute little house. I always love coming to visit you Nonie!

    I have now been bloggin almost 7 years. One thing that I have always kept in mind is that I write my online journal as a record of my life for my family, and myself. If anyone stops by to visit well, that is just icing on the cake.

    But if you want to build up numbers start linking up to blog parties. My friend Marty at A Stroll Thru Life hosts a great one every Tuesday. If you comment on the other people who link up a good number will return the favor.

    Chin up dear one!

  2. Very cute house! I'd love to see the lights.

  3. Beautiful home and I can hardly wait to see more of it. I am sure they would give you a tour.

  4. I'm so glad someone rescued that little house from is darling & I bet the inside is even cuter! Tell them you have a blog & would like to come in to take pictures to share online. It is FREE advertizing for them...I bet they'd say "yes".