Thursday, March 27, 2014

Today's Projects

Home work done on the mystery quilt, now we wait for our next clue.
So, back to the smocked hangers.  Lexie suggested we could also use fat quarters and since I had some I thought were fun fabrics, that is what I used.
I thought this was such fun fabric and you know it will go back together in a strange way.  I was so curious as to how it would look pleated.
 Here it is! This will go to another member if she wants it.
It looks fun to me, We will see, sometimes you just have to play around.

The next piece that was pleated, I didn't get a picture of because I was to busy talking to Louise.  Guess you can see that one later.

This is the one, I have been smocking.  I want to stay one step ahead of the class.

 There is red in the fabric, but the red thread just seems to want to take over. Again, I will just have to keep playing around to see where this one ends up.
It is proving to be a fun, relaxing project.

Oh, by the way I did go the to quilt shop today.  Now, there is another story that's needs to be told, or maybe not.


  1. Oh my! I think this will be fabulous. Can't wait to see it finished.