Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Smocked Padded Hanger

Our smocking group chose the padded hanger as it's group project this month.  Part of the decision, was to show smockers there are several projects they can do long after they have finished smocking dresses.

 I wish I had a better picture of the fabric, it has cute little clothes on it.  Perfect for Zoe.

Materials Needed:

9"x45" piece of fabric.  I used a fat quarter and just cut it in half and sewed the pieces together.
Floss:  Colors of your choosing
Lace: For finishing the bottom
Sewing thread:
Satin ribbon:
Padded Hanger--They are so easy to find, why pad your own?

1:  You can hem the long sides now or wait to do it later. I do not like to hem before putting through my pleater, but, it's your choice.

2: Mark the center of the fabric. Run 13 rows of pleating threads, 6.rows one  each side. 
I pleat 13, then remove the center thread, leaving 6 on each side for design.

3.Tie off piece to 10-1/2"

I did a very simple smocking design:

You can get as elaborate as you like, or simple. It is your creation.

When I assembled mine.  I marked the center, where the hanger would go, by measuring the hanger and then my smocked piece.  I did a small machine button hole, but you could just do a hole and secure it with fraycheck.  It is not going to get any wear at all.

I had an already padded hanger from the dollar store.

Once I had the button hole made, I sewed the ends together, using a french seam.  Slipped it over the hanger and secured the bottom by slip stitching the pieces together. 

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