Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A clue to one of my favorite blogs

Her Christmas postcard!

You guessed it!  It is from Laura at "Decor to Adore".

Read about her creative solution to the Christmas card plight facing her after she 1. Just moved and 2. Has been facing personal challenges.

Did she use it as an excuse as I would have?   NO! She solved her challenge.  

Even now Laura is busy decorating.

I was surfing blog land, when I landed on 
"Decor to Adore".   Just the name sounds inviting, so I entered to investigate and found the sweetest hostess.  I call her my friend.  

I am sure she feels as though someone is following her because that would be me!! 

Laura's family just moved into a new to them home and she has been re-decorating room by room, step by step so each day I can hardly wait to see what is new.  Just a hint-today she started showing her kitchen. I know it will be fantastic.  

You will need to go check her out--I didn't ask for permission to share her pictures so you need to go see for yourself.  You will love her as I do.


  1. I love meeting new friends so thank you for this introduction to her. On my way over...and I'll be sure to tell her you said HEY. :)

    1. Laura is such a sweet person. Happy to have introduced her.

  2. Dear Nonie, what a treasure you are! How blessed I am to know you as you have truly brightened my day. Thank you SO very much!