Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hospital Babies

Sometimes it is hard to think of just the right word.  I enjoy making the wee care gowns,  for the hospital babies.
I do not enjoy that there is a need for such gowns.

             If you are wondering where the name
                       hospital babies came from
  It is the name Zoe gave to the tiny gowns.

It is hard to explain sometimes, that some tiny babies go right to heaven.           

I just explained to her I was making gowns that go to the babies in the hospital.From that day on, if she saw me smocking on a gown, she would ask if it was for the hospital babies.

The design for these gowns come from Kathy
   Her wonderful blog is all about sewing wonderful, creative garments.    KATHY'S WONDERFUL BLOG

NO, I did not over use the word Wonderful.

Kathy's design solves the sewing for boy babies.  Hers are beyond wonderful.

I might add, so is her photography!!

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