Friday, February 6, 2015

Not the prettiest but--

While running through our quickie mart grabbing some thing I forgot to add to the shopping list, (how does one forget to add supplies?) I spotted these flowers on the way to the check stand.  
 At first I walked past them,  after all they were not very pretty. But, there was a touch of color. We are living in a color depraved valley right now.  So before I could over think the binge I grabbed a bouquet and put them in my basket.

Something about these flowers made me feel happy. A little scarce looking, I call them my "Charlie Brown bouquet". Still they made me feel happy and I wondered why do I wait for special occasion's  to buy flowers??
I will now add flowers to my shopping list. Maybe not flowers from the quickie mart. Even though I think I gave them a good homeI will try to remember every day is a special occasion. Let us rejoice in it.


  1. The flowers are so pretty Nonie. They even give me ideas
    what colours to choose when I am smocking. Nature
    does the job so wonderfully for us. Lexie

  2. Flowers bring life to a home in the dark days of February. Enjoy their beauty and thank you for sharing.

  3. They are beautiful! I love all the colors. We used to buy flowers "just because" but haven't done it in a while. You've inspired me to get some. I might even do it regularly. I love fresh flowers. thanks for sharing yours with us!

  4. It's amazing how cheerful flowers can make us feel. I wish we had things that bloomed all during the year.

  5. Thanks Nonie for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I really appreciate it!

  6. We have been enjoying camellias cut from my Granny's bush. The extra bit of color does add cheer to these cold winter days.

  7. I believe that even the simplest of flowers can go far to brighten our days. Lovely!
    Have a beautiful day dear one!