Thursday, January 22, 2015

Favorite sewing Blogs part two


                                             Meet Kathy Dykstra

 Kathy has a perfect name for her blog, as her sewing is indeed, a sewing adventure.
I am always in awe, of what she can do with some fabric, thread and a whole lot of talent.
Kathy has designed garments for magazines, such as Sew Beautiful and Australian Smocking and Embroidery.   Kathy is also a teacher and her blog is an extension of her teaching.

  Kathy has been a big inspiration to me as she always goes that extra step in making something special,  she sews for organizations that make gowns for babies that will not live.
In making these gowns Kathy makes sure each one is special.  
Since I also sew for Wee-care babies, she has encouraged me to take the extra time, to add something special.
         Visit Kathy at 

She has a lot of inspiration to share with you.

             Another favorite

          Shirley C

You will love Shirley. I know some of you that visit me also visit Shirley because she has shared your blogs with me.
I love being able to call bloggers my friends, even if I know that we may never meet in person. It really doesn't matter as far as friendship goes.
Since I am a beginner quilter, Shirley has held my hand through many projects. Well, as many as I have done (which isn't much at this point).  I will add,  Shirley has also been there for me when I need embroidery help or blog help.  I think I can call her one of my go to people.  Wonder if she ever tires of me.

Shirley latest  quilts were made for her grand children to enjoy as Christmas gifts.  I will also say she did these quilts and had knee surgery last fall.   she is a real hero.

                I spy quilts
             sewn by Shirley
            I told you she is special.

                    Visit Shirley


  1. This is so sweet, Nonie! Thanks for showing off my projects. I love helping you whenever I can, and I know you'd do the same. It's so wonderful to bond with people we've never met in person.

  2. I loved reading about some of your favorite sewing friends, Nonie. I, too, feel my fellow bloggers are my friends, even though we may never meet. I'm going to go visit some of your favorites.

  3. Thank you for visiting. I enjoy your blog.

  4. What talent! I adore the wee white dress and the colorful quilts.

    Have a beautiful day!

    1. Thank you for your sweet reply. I love those little white dresses.

  5. Love this great post...isn't blogging so special !
    I do not sew..never learned from my mom that could sew anything in the world. I surely am not a quilter...however, a few years ago, I wanted to make quilts for my 10 grandchildren. I thought I'd have less trouble doing I SPY quilts and that's what I did. I had so much fun picking out all the awesome fabrics for each child's quilt. They all turned out good and I was as proud as a peacock to be able to do it. Lately, I've been in a sewing mood and thinking of making other quilts.

    1. bj, I am beginning to learn more about quilting. Shirley's grand's loved their special quilts. Hope you make a few more.