Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

            It's a new year... A traditional
     time for a fresh start and new beginnings.
Time to put out the new calendar, and discard the dogeared and over marked one.  
There were good times included in those marked days.  There were days we held our breath and waited and prayed for a good out come.  Dump it!! Dump it in the trash and carry forth only your talents,  your love,  and joy and the desire to do better. 
Carry forth the excitement, the new year offers.   Discover what makes you a unique and special person. 
I am looking forward to sharing a new and exciting year with you. 


  1. Wonderful sentiments! Happy New Years, Nonie!

  2. Happy New Year Bunny, I know you will create some beautiful items.

  3. What a beautiful photo, Nonie to go along with your beautiful sentiments! I'm SEW ready for a new year....2015 was just awful from beginning to end. *sigh* Looking forward to seeing some of your projects this year.

    1. Rett, may you have a very happy New year. It will be better.